Brett Favre: ‘God only knows the toll’ concussions took

Written by Peach Capital

October 24, 2013

USA today_Brett Favre started 321 consecutive games (playoffs included) and heaved 552 touchdown passes in his 20-year NFL career.

But Thursday he admitted uncertainty about how many of his accomplishments, not to mention other memories, he’ll ultimately recall.

“I don’t remember my daughter playing soccer, playing youth soccer, one summer,” he said when asked about his experience with concussions during a radio interview with Sports Talk 570 in Washington.

“I don’t remember that. I got a pretty good memory, and I have a tendency like we all do to say, ‘Where are my glasses?’ and they’re on your head. This was pretty shocking to me that I couldn’t remember my daughter playing youth soccer, just one summer, I think. I remember her playing basketball, I remember her playing volleyball, so I kind of think maybe she only played a game or two. I think she played eight. So that’s a little bit scary to me.

“For the first time in 44 years, that put a little fear in me.”

Brett Favre’s toughness was legendary, and he played through multiple injuries while keeping his record streak of starts intact from 1992 to 2010.

Yet he has no desire to know now what kind of price he might pay down the road.

“I think after 20 years, God only knows the toll,” he said.


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