Everything You Should Know About Small Business Loans

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Written by Bienvenu Mavakala

May 19, 2022


From application to repaying. Here’s all you need to know about small business loans in a very compact and time-saving way!

Though it may seem like a difficult task to successfully receive a loan for your growing business, with the right information and sufficient knowledge on the right kind of loan for your business you can benefit from all it offers.

Many businesses fail to receive loans for investment, the main reason for this is the lack of knowledge and expert advice. Lenders are keen to provide loans to only those businesses that have a proper know-how of how business fundings work and so the first step towards getting a business loan is to know all about it.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you with all that you need to know about small business loans. This article will take you down all the necessary information about business funding.

Know the reason for your business funding:

Business funding comes with a strong business plan. If you have a strategic plan you will know the reason for your business funding requirements. Know your reasons as to why you’re applying for a particular business loan, to begin with.

Think of it from a lender’s perspective. If you’re looking into getting a loan from someone, their first question would be why do you need this loan. You will be needing to specify this on the application form as well.

Types of small business loans:

The United States has a small business administration that assists the small business loans you can benefit from. There are different types of SBA loans, these loans aim to provide businesses with funding that can be used as an investment to improve their cash flow.

Here are the four main types of SBA loans that have been in practice and benefiting businesses-

  1. SBA 7(a) loan program
  2. Small business equipment loan
  3. Microloan program for small businesses
  4. Risk management loans

Choosing the right small business loan for you:

With a variety of small business loans available to opt for, it can get tricky for you to pick on the right one for your business.

Here’s a guideline to choose the best type of loan for your small business funding.

  • Know the exact amount of money you need. How much funding do you need? Once you have an absolute answer to this question you can go ahead with looking into the options for business funding.
  • Do you need a short-term loan or a long-term loan? This is very important and can impact the overall experience of business funding for you. Know the time frame that you’re comfortable returning the loan amount. Knowing the right timeframe will help you choose the right type of business loan for you.
  • Startups vs existing business loans. If you are a startup, there will be different types of loans available for you while for existing businesses the range of loan types varies widely. This is an important step toward choosing the right loan for your business.
  • Know the purpose of the business funding you’re looking for. Why do you need the money? Once you know the purpose, you can choose the right type of small business loan for you.
  • Your current financial situation also determines the type of loan you’re eligible for. If your credit score is higher, you can get better business funding through small business loans.

How long does it take for a small business loan to get approved?

Though it depends on a lot of factors, if you have a good credit score and have all the prerequisites ready timely, you can get the loan approved immediately. Sometimes it takes longer for loans to get approved if the application is incomplete or the purpose is unclear.

Think of it from the lender’s perspective, when you’re applying for a loan. If you were to give a loan to someone you would make sure all the requirements are fulfilled on time before approving the application.

Documentation Required for a small business loan:

If you’re looking into getting a small business loan, there are a few documents that you need to have readily available to ensure quick approval of your loan application- 

  • Your financial statements are the first thing that you will be needing to present at the time of applying for a small business loan. Both business and personal statements are submitted for this purpose.
  • Business cash flow statement. That includes your current profit and loss situation.
  • Ownership of business. A document that shows that this business is owned by you.
  • Legal license to run the business. Any lender that you’re looking to get a loan from will want you to make sure that the business you’re getting a loan for is running under regulatory boundaries and has a proper license from the authorities.

How is a small business loan likely to affect your business?

Any type of business funding is aimed to increase the cash flow of your business. So it is safe to say that a small business loan will affect your cash flow positively.

Making a profit out of it and generating more revenue is another thing that comes with a lot of other factors. But to sum it up, a small business loan is said to increase your profitability by improving the cash flow.

Businesses use small business loans to expand, grow and diversify their business. A small business loan is convenient and easy to repay. The interest rates are variable and depend on the type of loan you’re getting.

Overall, business funding through small business loans is not only beneficial in the short term but also goes a long way with the growth of your business in the market. In a competitive world like today’s businesses need more and more resources to meet the needs of the market. A small business loan helps fund businesses with sufficient working capital to be able to pay for the daily operational cost.


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