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Written by Peach Capital

November 6, 2018


The way to get small business owners to start hiring and improving their business, they must have cash flow and the ability to borrow money via a small business loan. 

Peach Capital Funding hopes this will open up conversation on how to improve small business cash flow and open the market for more small business owners to receive a business loan.

Get Your Finances In Order

A good accounting system to track your income and business expenses is key and critical for any small business, and unfortunately many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle to keep up and keep track of these things on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

It’s not always easy to do this, but running your business without keeping up with your books is like playing baseball with no bat. 

From our experience at Peach Capital Funding, unorganized bookkeeping is the number one reason small business loans do not get approved.

A Good Idea

All business schools make it a requirement for their students to donate time to a local business to help with their accounting system to organize and start an accounting system.

Coordinated Government 

Banks need to get pressured to open up lending to small businesses. The government people who are protecting their own jobs place a lot of pressure on banks to not lend to small businesses.

We must find balance and the need for banks and at the same time find appropriate and safe ways to allow banks to take risks when lending to small businesses. 

We do need to understand that lending to small business can be a risky proposition, and that big banks have responsibilities.

The Peach Capital Funding Method

At Peach Capital Funding, we have better experiences getting small business loans at smaller banks vs. bigger banks and this includes better terms and rates with our small business loan qualifying process. We make it easy and hassle free for you to apply for a small business loan.

It is always more effective when the loan officer putting together the package can walk into the office next door and have a conversation with the credit officer who is going to need to approve the loan.

They work together to try and find a solution that works for your small business loan needs. Open communication and collaboration works, and we encourage banks to try it.

Be sure to get in touch with us to discuss your business loan needs and let our small business experts help you find the right business loan for your needs.



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